A veranda adds that extra special finishing touch to a conservatory, patio or decking area.

Our veranda provides the perfect stopgap between the comfort of your home and the unpredictable British climate.

Whether you’re hosting an alfresco dinner party or simply enjoying the views from your decking area, a Sash UK veranda will make sure that you are sheltered from the elements.

A veranda complements our bi-folding and patio doors too, where it continues to provide protection from the weather, so you can keep the doors open for longer and benefit from maximum levels of natural ventilation.

Another little-known benefit of a veranda is that it can keep your home cooler in summer. Depending on the glass you choose, it provides solar shade which can reduce your cooling bills and make your home feel more comfortable by preventing the sun’s heat from penetrating your house.

There’s nothing quite like the charm that a veranda adds to a home. Either as a straight-run or wrap-around, it encourages you to watch the world go by.

Whatever style of Sash UK veranda you choose, there’s no denying the beauty it will add to your home’s exterior.


Size options

Whether you want a veranda which reaches to the floor, or with a dwarf wall, we can tailor your veranda to suit your needs.

Roof options

Our verandas are available with polycarbonate and self-cleaning glass.

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