Affordable, luxurious extensions the living space, that stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Loggia is a modern building system that provides the best way to build the best rooms. It builds stunning extensions, replaces the traditional conservatory and makes orangeries affordable.

Beautiful, comfortable rooms all year round, that add value to your home and everyday living. Loggia offers you a range of design options, each with the ability to improve the look and thermal performance of the home extension.

Loggia Prestige incorporates the loggia narrow columns, Prestige insulating pelmet and LivinLight, which together address the three main heat loss areas.

The Loggia Premium range offers an exceptional range of design options allowing for a more bespoke build. The design options include multiple wide or narrow columns sitting on or off plinths, topped with the classic cornice outside. Internally insulated with Livin Room, warmed by radiant panel heaters and illuminated by LivinLight. With Loggia Premium you can create the look and feel of a traditional orangery with superior thermal performance and faster installation times. The Loggia Premium replaces masonry piers with super insulated loggia columns, up yo five times more thermally efficient than brick. The Loggia Ultimate fuses all of the elements of a Loggia Premium with the ultimate roofing solution, realRoof.

Loggia Ultimate allows you to integrate huge sliding doors, bi-folding doors and whole elevations of glazing. This provides the ability to control the design and layout of the new space providing as much light as possible.

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