Style and affordability make the gable conservatory an appealing option for any home.

A Sash UK gable conservatory is similar to our Edwardian design, it is rectangular or square in shape to help optimise the available space. However, the roof of a gable conservatory doesn’t have a sloping front. Instead, the section above the windows at the front creates a triangle that rises vertically to the roof top.

The benefit of this is that it complements the house roof, which is usually of a gable design, retaining the architectural purity of their property.

Similar to an Edwardian conservatory, our Gable design makes maximum use of available space because of its square footprint;  a really useful benefit if you’re planning to use your new conservatory as a combined dining, summer or TV room and wish to create different zones within the space.

The design of the roof creates a light and airy feel to the conservatory and it is one of the most affordable of the traditional conservatory designs.

With timeless appeal and practical benefits, a Sash UK Gable conservatory offers real style and value for money.


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