Goulden Street, Salford

  • Client : Casey Construction (GPHG)
  • Outline : Supply and fit
  • Profie : Veka Matrix 70
  • Product : Side and Top Hung Casement windows, Rosewood/White
  • Project : Goulden Street, Salford


Replacement of windows and doors which opened directly onto a busy pavement. The existing windows were single glazed timber frame windows offering poor thermal capabilities.


Pavements were cordoned off, with “Pavement Licenses” being obtained so that tower scaffolds could be used to access upstairs windows.

The window styles were changed on the upper floor from small top hung windows to bottom hung half- and-half split windows to allow egress in case of a fire, making the design compliant to fire regulations. The replacement windows fitted were “C”-rated, improving the thermal efficiencies and reducing the residents’ heating costs.