115 Dickinson Road, Blackpool

  • Client : Kier (GPHG)
  • Outline : Supply and fit
  • Profile : Veka Matrix 70
  • Product : Top Hung Casement Windows
  • Project : 115 Dickinson Road, Blackpool


A window replacement on a sheltered housing scheme, with elderly residents. The property is situated in very close proximity to the sea and will suffer from direct contact with wind, rain and salt spray. The existing windows were tilt and turn windows which were draughty and difficult to open due to the salt spray corrosion.


The old tilt and turn windows have now been replaced with casement windows which now push onto the gaskets rather than pushing away. This has solved the problem of the draughty windows. The hardware on the project is “Maco – Tricoat”, increasing protection against salt spray. This ensures the windows will operate as required for their lifetime. The rating on the windows was “like for like” but with the reduction in draughts the residents are finding they don’t need to use their heating as much.