Blurring the lines between there the home ends and a garden begins, bi-fold doors create unique living spaces as versatile as they are beautiful. They can be installed to sit in or outside the property when folded back. They’re available in a range of styles and a wide choice of woodgrain and coloured foils, to complement and enhance any home.

Sash UK Bi-Fold doors are designed to offer the perfect door for all seasons. In summer, cast them wide and let the fresh air in; in winter, seal them tight and cosy up in the warmth without loosing the view of the outside world. 

Our Bi-folds provides a warm and comfortable space with complete weather protection. Available in a large range of colours and woodgrains tour bi-fold doors are not only beautiful but they are practical too. Fitted with a multi-locking system, our bi-fold doors meet the approval of the police security initiative 'Secured by Design'. 

There are a range of 19 different configurations to choose from with a maximum width of 6 metres and a maximum sash width of 1 metre, meaning less profile and more glass. 

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