Perfect if you are seeking an extension in complete harmony with your home.


Combining the very best of British design and engineering RealROOF is an exceptional roofing system that redefines the way roofs are built. Externally or internally you’ll soon recognise that you are seeing a superior design, superbly crafted. Whether your home is modern or traditional the addition of a RealROOF will complement it perfectly. On the inside, RealROOF delivers a magnificent vaulted, plastered ceiling to enhance the feeling of light and space. This provides you with flexibility, raising the possibility of complete harmonisation with your connecting room and décor.

It can be supported by stone or brick piers, stunning Loggia super insulated columns or its own aluminium posts. The exterior of the RealROOF can be dressed with tiles or slates the same as those on your property, giving your extension the ability to seamlessly blend in with your home.

Thermally, the RealROOF is second to none. Its unique design and offsite manufacture ensure a superior insulating performance to that of a traditionally built roof, ensuring you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

RealROOF’s patented box beam and Kingspan Unidek Super Insulated Aero-Structural roof panels offer structural rigidity strong enough to grant unrivalled spanning performance, allowing whole elevations of windows or bi-fold doors to be installed with no additional support from portals or lintels. Avoiding costly additions that other roof types may need. This enables a much faster installation time and design flexibility to let you flood your room with natural light. By using roof windows you can bring daylight deep into your living space, which makes the whole room feel brighter, larger and more welcoming.

Looking for a simple solution to extend your living space?

RealROOF, as the name implies, delivers all the innovation and technical integrity you’d expect from an Ultraframe system enabling the use of all weights of tiles or slates to tie in with the existing property.

RealROOFs ingenious design means it can be installed in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods of roof building, whilst its ‘off site’ manufacture means there is no onsite cutting or wastage. RealROOF simply arrives at your home on time and cut to size ready for your installers to put together with minimal fuss and disruption. RealROOFs superior thermal qualities mean internal separating doors can be removed to give your living space the open planned look (providing planning consent and building regulation compliance have been met).


  • RealROOF delivers a beautiful vaulted ceiling detail every time.
  • RealROOF is very strong, it can take a real roof tile or slate to match in with the existing property.
  • RealROOF is simple and fast to install in hours rather than days.
  • RealROOF has excellent thermal properties – superior to traditional build.
  • RealROOF allows the removal of separating doors (subject to wall/glazing performance).
  • LABC approved (minimise building control checks & approval process).
  • Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Can be used with almost any roof finish
  • Achieves a U-value down to 0.12 W/m2K
  • Fast installation.
  • Fully guaranteed.

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