Style and affordability make the gable conservatory an appealing option for any home.


A Sash UK gable conservatory is similar to our Edwardian design, it is rectangular or square in shape to help optimise the available space. However, the roof of a gable conservatory doesn’t have a sloping front. Instead, the section above the windows at the front creates a triangle that rises vertically to the roof top.

The benefit of this is that it complements the house roof, which is usually of a gable design, retaining the architectural purity of their property.

Similar to an Edwardian conservatory, our Gable design makes maximum use of available space because of its square footprint;  a really useful benefit if you’re planning to use your new conservatory as a combined dining, summer or TV room and wish to create different zones within the space.

The design of the roof creates a light and airy feel to the conservatory and it is one of the most affordable of the traditional conservatory designs.

With timeless appeal and practical benefits, a Sash UK Gable conservatory offers real style and value for money.



Our doors are glazed using innovative thermally efficient glass so that added light and superb views do not come at the expense of insulation. Take a look at our range of door options.


Glazed using innovative thermally efficient glass, our windows are ‘C’ rated as standard, with many achieving the much sought after ‘A’ rating. Take a look at our range of windows options.

Size options

Whether to the floor or with a dwarf wall we will tailor your conservatory to suit your needs.

Roof options

With today’s erratic climate we have options to keep your conservatory cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Both polycarbonate and self-cleaning glass provide excellent thermal properties.


Cresting and finials, top capping, decorative finishes, fans, lighting – however you wish to personalise your conservatory, we’ll be up to the task!


Steel reinforcing gives added strength and durability to products that may be exposed to wild and erratic weather.

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