Ultraframe 360 Virtual Showroom Goggles & Ultraframe App


The new Ultraframe retailer App brings the magic of products to life and puts the showroom in your hands. At a touch you have all the amazing sales support tools information to hand, whether you are in the home, showroom or office.

Its the first of its kind and the most exciting and inspirational tool available.

Fast, efficient and instant, the new App completely removes any time lag between the initial consultation and the sharing of brochures, videos and images with the prospective client. Directly from your device, and even without the need for internet access you can show all the relevant marketing material to your customer.
Making it personal means, as you’d expect, Ultraframe have designed the App so you can log in to a password-protected area and refine the content to suit your needs. Creating one place for brochures, technical guides, order forms and pricing information. They’ve even built in ‘authority passwords’, which means as a business owner you can define different levels of access for different team members ensuring that everybody has access to the most relevant information for their role.
Because we know how busy you are, we’ve completely eliminated any need for you to ‘refresh’ your marketing material. All the information available via the App will be the very latest versions pushed through as notifications – leaving you just to get on with the job of selling.


See it to believe it! Ultraframe have designed a virtual showroom…yes, a showroom that you can take to your customers home to give them a complete 360° view of what it would be like to stand in an Ultraframe conservatory, orangery or extension. The App, combined with Virtual Reality Goggles, is perfect for all our network partners – those with or without a showroom.

Adam Wilde, Ultraframe’s digital manager is confident that these new tools will hit the spot with retailers, explaining: “this is the future of experiential marketing and we believe adds a further layer of inspiration for the home owner. These are practical digital solutions that will directly increase sales.”